New Flickr Design

Forth Railway Bridge

So, updated its site layout quite drastically. I think it's a mixed bag. The new design is really good for viewing photos. However, I think it is quite difficult to get the information that used to be easily available. In particular the new home page is very difficult to view: too contrasty, pictures are too large. I preferred the more muted overview allowing you to see everything at a glance. The high contrast design clashes with the white background which also makes it difficult to read. The new photostream is excellent for viewing the pictures. I also really like the new banner graphic - although it would have been nice to be able to access all my pictures to select a banner. I miss being able to see the stats for each picture in the stream. The set page does not work on Ubuntu 13.04 chrome browser, something wrong in the style sheets. I really don't like how the set thumbnails are rescaled. I carefully selected them to look ok. I really like the new android flickr app. It's excellent and I suspect I'll use that a lot to view photos. All in all, I hope flickr sorts out the various issues, in particular offer a different view to get at the statistics more easily. Once my pro account runs out I'll need to consider if I buy the ad free version or not.