Dashed Hopes

Edinburgh Yes!

So the predictions turned out to be reasonably accurate, Scotland voted NO and there is a bit of a hang-over mood. The waiting is over, and people voted for known unkowns. A great missed opportuinity and as someone commented - the greatest country of the 19th century remains stuck in the 19th century. Well, the yes camp should be pleased:

  • the referendum sparked a national debate that reached every bit of Scottish society with a huge turnout of 84.59%
  • the yes camp managed to mobilize a huge number of supporters during the last year.
  • the political discussion showed how the establishment thoroughly underestimated the situation
  • and people deeply care when they have the feeling that they can influence decisions.

Enough moaning - we should now look forward and see how we can move on

  • we need to make sure that we can keep some of the political momentum and not sulk in the darkness. A friend of mine told me today, that he voted for the first time ever. I hope he is not totally disillusioned
  • we need to remind the establishment that they have promised Scotland more devolution
  • the West Lothian Question must be solved - ideally England would get a number of regional parliaments
  • we should make sure that the UK stays in the EU

Speaking about the EU referendum, a colleague wondered if Cameron's attitude towards both the Scottish Independence and the In/Out EU referendum were similar - ie "surely they won't have a chance to succeed". Well, he miscalculated with the independence referendum, I hope the other one won't be as close.

Finally, today's spam was quite fun and made me chuckle: