Small Edinburgh

We don't own a car. So during the Covid-19 crisis our world was reduced to places we can walk or cycle to. Given that I geotag most of my blip journal entries and I tend to collect GPX tracks for my photo walks it seems quite a natural idea to produce a map of how small our world has become. Well, it's also the sort of stuff I do for my work. Unsurprisingly, Newington Cemetery features quite significantly.

The map shows the location of my blip entries since the start of our lockdown on March, 17th until the beginning of the Scottish Phase 3 on the 10th of July. The heat map is produced from all the GPX tracks I have collected during this period. I use the GPX tracks to geotag my photos by synchronising the clock of my camera with GPS time. The software I use for processing my photos, darktable, has a handy plugin to compute the time offset from a photo showing the GPS time and finding the locations using a GPX file. I wrote a small python script to read the GPX files, transform the coordinates and bin them to produce the input data for the heatmap. The map is produced using leaflet.

Update 2020/07/18: I have regenerated the graphs with data up to the beginning of the Scottish phase 3 of leaving the lockdown on July 10th.