School of GeoSciences aptly package repository

The School of GeoSciences is running an aptly debian package repository. The following repositories are available:

  • ubuntu ubuntu mirror
  • inf informatics mirror
  • uoe UoE package repository with component uoe
  • world world package repository with component world
  • geos School of GeoSciences repository with component geos

All repositories and mirrors are available to the University of Edinburgh networks including VPN, except for the world repository which is available everywhere and the geos repository that is only available to School of GeoSciences networks.

All repositories and mirrors are signed using the School of GeoSciences key. You can download the public keys:

Let me know if you would like to upload packages to the uoe or world repositories. I can also create a private repository for your school. Once I have create your account you can use this configuration for uploading files.
[uoe] allow_unsigned_uploads = 1 fqdn = method = sftp login = UUN incoming = /exports/
allow_unsigned_uploads = 1
fqdn =
method = sftp
login = UUN
incoming = /exports/

The incoming script is run every 5 minutes. The local repositories are backed up nightly.

If you want to, you can use the School of GeoSciences aptly repository to build your LCFG machines. Have a look at our defaults/install.h and define/apt.h headers. The installation works with the IS build server.